The firm has two areas of expertise:

For us, law is a language. For over thirty-five years we have been applying the law to describe and solve problems. We deal with companies, organizations and people in an international context that privileges bilateral relations between Italy and Germany.

For us, law is a management tool. We are committed to interpreting and applying the law with the aim of preventing, reducing and, when possible, resolving conflicts, and create value through a better understanding and certainty of business, organizational and personal relationships.

Our clients entrust us with assignments on these issues:


1. Business operations and company law

2. Commercial activities and competition

3. Information and technology law

4. Labour law

5. Food law

6. Tenders and procurement

7. Tax law

8. Health law and medical devices

9. Environment and safety

10. Other areas


The firm has acquired extensive experience in family and juvenile law.

Working languages:

Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian.

Firm’s professionals offer the service of interpreters and translators for the formation of contracts or notarial deeds in Italian, English, German and French languages